Synergy Show Systems, Inc. is set up as a one-person editorial / sound design mix suite, featuring the cutting edge digital monitoring system by Genelec. Driven by the Pro Tools HD for both source and recorder workstations. Picture source is HD-compatible.

The mix platform is a Control 24 Digidesign Focusrite Console, capable of handling the most demanding number of audio tracks and puts the highest level of hands-on control and extended Pro Tools functionality at your mixer's fingertips, enabling you to record, edit, route, mix, automate, recall, and perform other Pro Tools tasks right from the console surface.

Sound provides atmosphere, it triggers our emotions and sets the tone for storytelling. Our designers at Synergy Show Systems partner with filmmakers and creative talent to create a technically superior soundtrack and tell stories that are both sonically gratifying and creatively appealing. Supporting your story thru the art of sound design!

Synergy Show Systems, Inc. is always expanding its physical presence to offer comfortable, convenient and technically optimized work spaces for different projects and workflows.  We have a customized environment designed to support a centralized, creative ​Motion Picture Film, Television, Commercials, Infomercials, Theatricals, Documentaries, Music Videos,
Independent Films and New Media community here in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Synergy Show Systems, Inc. is a​ unique combination of creativity, technical quality, and competitive pricing.    

"If you can imagine it, we can create it"



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About OUR Sound design editorial / mix suite